(Plan)ting for the Future: A Pop-Up Design and Discussion

(Plan)ting for the Future: A Pop-Up Design and Discussion (as we enter a new
growing season in an unpredictable climate) with Julie Mcleod of Larkspur Designs

In this 2-hour workshop we will cover some key principles of ecological and
Permaculture Design and how we can apply design thinking to better serve the
humans, wildlife, and the planet that we are all in connection with. After an indoor
discussion we will move to the outdoor space at Maine Street Bee to apply some of the
topics covered such as:
● The importance of native plants and their role in preserving our most crucial
pollinators and wildlife
● Strategies and techniques for gardening with unpredictable weather patterns
● Making the best use of the space you have; matching your plants and landscape
elements with your site conditions
● The importance of thinking beyond our own backyard; building community and
resilience in the face of climate change

Julie Mcleod (she/her) is a Permaculture Designer working on projects all over Southern Maine. She is part of the Larkspur Design team based in Portland, ME. She enjoys designing functional, productive and engaging landscapes for her clients. Julie has helped design homesteads, suburban lots, small farms, and school gardens and most enjoys sharing the love of growing food with her clients. She draws her inspiration from the fields, forest, and coastline of Maine and believes we can all contribute to a healthier future by being thoughtful and intentional with any patch of land we find ourselves stewarding. When she is not in the field Julie enjoys hiking, surfing, trail running, and tinkering in her yard with her family.

Cost: In lieu of a standard course fee please consider a donation of $20- $50 to The Wabanaki Alliance. Please also consider taking action to assist with passing the
following legislation:

The Wabanaki tribes have a different, more restrictive status than all 574 other federally
recognized tribes in the United States. HR 6707, the Advancing Equality for Wabanaki
Nations Act, is now pending in the U.S. Senate. This bill was introduced by U.S. Rep.
Jared Golden to grant the Wabanaki full access to benefits from any future federal laws
pertaining to federally recognized tribes. We urge our friends to take action to help pass
this legislation: https://wabanakialliance.com/take-action/

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Mar 25 2023


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Maine Street Bee
125 US Route 1, Freeport

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